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mind+body birth is a unique, science-based system of birth hypnosis and childbirth education designed to help pregnant people achieve a calm, empowered birth. The perception of birth is reframed using specific, proven techniques which melt away negative thoughts and anxiety. The mind can refocus, and the body can follow its cellular wisdom to give birth.


mind+body birth is for parents-to-be and for professional birth workers (childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, physicians, nurses, hypnotherapists, etc.) who want to learn how to use mind + body birth techniques with their own clients.


All pregnant people approach birth with some healthy trepidation, which is completely normal. You are stepping into the unknown - physically, intellectually, and emotionally. While you could also be feeling excited, confident, and positive -- after all, you are joining an honored group of people who, for thousands of years, have successfully and even joyously given birth -- most people are unnecessarily frightened. mind+body birth helps you become more aware of the culture around you, teaches you to trust your body, and helps you create new neural pathways for positive, empowering thoughts to take hold.


Classes in mind+body birth consist of a series of 4 sessions.
Check here to see when the next series is offered in your area.

Professional Trainings in mind+body birth are hands-on, two-day workshops
for birth workers, offered at least quarterly.
Check here to see the workshop schedule.


mind+body birth classes and trainings and private sessions are currently offered in
Westchester County, NY, and anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Contact Julietta Appleton to sign up for a class, professional training, private session, request doula services,
or to request more information.