mind + body birth

What people are saying about Julietta's mind+body birth course:
Julietta's birth hypnosis classes gave me the tools and confidence to have a calm and supportive VBAC for my second child after a traumatic first birth. Ironically, the circumstances for my second birth were very similar to the first. Yet my experience and outcome were so much better this time in part because of the knowledge I gained from Julietta. Especially when things don't go as you would like, staying calm and positive makes a huge difference. Julietta has so much experience with birth that I didn't just learn hypnosis from her--she is a wonderful resource about birth in general! Another upside is that the techniques work for any other situation where you need to stay calm, not just during birth!

Esmeralda Molinati
White Plains, NY
After one session with Julietta I felt calmer and more centered than I can remember. My anxiety surrounding not only my upcoming childbirth, but life in general, fell away. Her ability to untie my past from my future was breathtaking. I left our three sessions knowing that my daughter's birth would happen exactly as it should because the work I did with Julietta changed me.

Rachel Adams
Pelham, NY
I refer many of my midwifery patients to Julietta for hypnosis. She’s helped them to overcome anxiety and really trust their bodies. I’ve also witnessed her in action at the hospital as a birth doula and she gets very impressive results.

Kathy Herron, CNM
Midwife, White Plains, NY
The relaxation and visualization techniques Julietta taught me in preparation for birth were incredible during both of my very long labors. One of the major reasons I was able to deliver my boys without pain medication was by talking to my babies and encouraging them to come down. But perhaps the most powerful thing I learned from Julietta was to think of labor as not pain that I must endure, rather intense sensations allowing my baby to born. By shifting my language, expectations and intentions about birth, she helped me to experience the most natural births possible. Throughout the contractions of my early and transition labor with my second son, I closed my eyes and focused on releasing the tension in each body part with every exhalation. (A technique I also often use in my daily life to relax myself to sleep.) She helped me welcome my two beautiful, healthy and strong sons into the world the way that I envisioned, and I am eternally grateful.

Victoria Gearity
Ossining, NY
Julietta is a talented teacher, and the private sessions I took with her to learn self-hypnosis in preparation for the home birth of my second baby were invaluable! I had a lot of fear to work through due to my history of a very difficult, long, and painful labor with my first baby. Using the skills she taught me, I learned to manage my fears and anxieties leading up to and throughout a quite long and challenging labor, and had a totally different experience. I used the techniques she taught me for every single contraction. They made the pain manageable, gave me confidence in myself and my body, and got me through to the very end. My labor and the birth went smoothly and beautifully, and it was an amazing and healing experience. Another bonus was that I was well-rested going into labor, as I used the hypnosis techniques every night to fall asleep in the third trimester, when I was anxious, achy, and uncomfortable. They were a lifesaver during that time. Julietta is also a joy to work with -- not only did I learn a tool that I will use for life to deal with pain and anxiety, but I also had a wonderful time doing it. I cannot recommend Julietta highly enough!

Patricia Shepard
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Julietta's mind + body birth hypnosis classes were a perfect addition to my life. Since I learned the techniques, I have been using them not only for labor and birth, but for any stressful situation. And regarding labor and birth, I had the greatest experience of my life! Julietta helped me through my labor and VBAC. She did a great job as a doula and hypnotherapist, and she always respected my wishes. I'm so glad I met her! I totally recommend Julietta.

Monica Crespo
Chappaqua, NY
Julietta was with me during my first labor, which was long and ended in a c-section. This time, with my second daughter, I wanted a VBAC. My only goal was to “push a baby out of my vagina.” Julietta shared that goal, in my exact words, with the nurses. And immediately she created her natural, relaxed-yet-professional, funny and joyful rapport with the entire L&D staff. Our room was the fun place to be, and we had a blast! When we found out after 12 hours of natural labor that I was only 3cm dilated, I lost all my composure. I was distraught that my body was following the same path to a c-section as my first labor. Julietta and the midwife did not want me to get exhausted, and the midwife recommended an epidural. Julietta’s explanations helped me through my decision to have the epidural, and after it was administered I was fully dilated in an hour--no Pitocin needed! Julietta was right by my side encouraging me through four hours of intense pushing, and a vacuum-assisted birth. She cut Lucelia’s cord, and cried with me as I repeated, " I did it! I did it!" Any woman who has had an unexpected caesarean knows the fears and doubts that can develop regarding future births. Any woman who has tried to have a medication-free birth, but had to have interventions, knows those thoughts as well. Julietta trusted my body even when I didn't. She called me heroic, and gave me back my pride in my body. I call Julietta my Birth Angel.

Anna Georges
Virginia Beach, VA