mind + body birth


Professional Training in mind+body birth is ideal for labor nurses, midwives, obstetricians, doulas, childbirth educators, body workers, psychotherapists and any other professionals who have a solid understanding of pregnancy, labor, and birth, plus experience working with women in birth settings. Adding this valuable tool to your practice will help your clients have calmer, quieter, more confident births.

Participants in the two-day workshop will learn why hypnosis has become so important and helpful for birth, and will learn how to implement specific hypnosis techniques for birth that they can teach their own clients.

During the professional training, students will discover what hypnosis is and how it works, how to tell if a client is “hypnotizable,” how to perform a hypnotic induction and assess trance depth, practice different types of hypnotic inductions, learn optimal scripts and imagery for birthing women, experience “directed anesthesia” for themselves, review and explore the Teaching Guide for mind+body birth classes, and discuss how to implement mind+body birth in their respective professional settings.

A Teaching Guide for mind+body birth is included in the workshop fee, and a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded after workshop completion.

DISCLAIMER: Certification in the mind+body birth technique does not constitute certification as a hypnotherapist.

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